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Items tagged leadership

  • Radical vision made real

    A suburban Chicago church is following a difficult but rewarding path in an effort to bridge racial gaps, give away more money, and conform to the biblical model for church.

  • Claim your calling

    How can the body function if one part is missing? or worse yet, performing the wrong task?

  • Good worship

    The worship debate is more complex than ?traditional vs. contemporary? music. What guidance do we have for meaningful worship?

  • Interrupting God

    Two conversions become reflected in two different lexicons and perceptions of language.

  • The journey in…and back out

    How a local writers' group changed from being a place of belonging.

  • Heavy artillery

    On (not) coming to terms with the burden of citizenship.

  • Leading with humble hands

    Excavating the meaning and practices of humility.

  • Leading for the common good

    Lessons in leading from Nehemiah and the city council.

  • Ears to hear

    Learning how to sense the love of God in each moment.

  • Lost ideas

    Reflections from an art director on aesthetic shepherding.

  • Bad shepherd

    Confessions of a natural-born leader.

  • Everyone needs a to-don’t list

    An important lesson for moving yourself and your organization forward.

  • Found objects

    The artfulness of community development in a small, rural city.