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Items tagged labor

  • Feed the hungry

    *cino's efforts address a desire for an intellectually engaging faith approach that speaks to all of life.

  • Work

    Reflections on the nature of our daily labor activities.

  • Summer at the CLAC

    A student gains practical experience in turning Christian social principles into action.

  • Haven for the working class?

    Imprisoned Christian labor organizers in Cuba need your help in retelling their story and advocating for their release.

  • A working worldview

    Students promote solidarity in the quest for Christian cultural engagement.

  • Of orthodoxy and orthopraxy

    A reflection on Simone Weil, a scholar and activist who defied categories in early twentieth century Europe.

  • Haunted by hope

    A reflection on expectations at the initiation of another Advent.

  • Eating violence

    Exploring the troubling origins of our identities as creatures who are what we eat.

  • Melinda Mae Missiology

    Examining our role in “building” God’s Kingdom here on earth.

  • Sweeping, not swept up

    On scrubbing consumerism's stain out of our cleaning rituals.

  • The Saxifrage School

    A vision for redesigning college as education for whole people.

  • The backyard tomato

    Subverting slavery, one harvest at a time.

  • Rethinking modesty

    Was Paul really concerned about showing too much skin?

  • Lost and found

    A mad farmer reflects on bringing life back to Maple Tree Meadows through bartering, laboring and other acts of faith.

  • I am the little red hen

    Lessons learned from modern serfdom in a friend’s garden.

  • Watermarks

    Washing dishes, putting in a fence, gardening, writing, playing music: a common thread.