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Items tagged gardening

  • Tasting the good life

    As small farms around the world are succumbing to corporate agriculture, a southwest Michigan couple is embarking on the road of the small-scale farmer for the first time. An interview and photos tell their story and explain more about Community Supported Agriculture.

  • Offering hope for local food sources

    In his first year as a CSA farmer, the author is grounded in the faith values that sustain his hard work.

  • It can still be done

    One person's story shows one path to self-sufficiency.

  • Learning to see the sprouting

    A child's wonder at spring is inspiration to be amazed.

  • Garret

    Sometimes our neighbor really is the person right across the lane.

  • The Little House life

    On skills, creativity and dependence.

  • Getting away

    Experiencing other cultures can offer a window into what may be lacking in our own.

  • Cycles

    A tour through the creation and destruction inherent in the process of finding home.

  • Outdoor heart

    Deconstructing garden admiration reveals a longing for self expression.

  • Black gold

    The discipline of composting makes a garden grow.

  • The tasty tomato

    Pondering a summer fruit in the middle of winter.

  • Renewal in the city

    A review of the book The Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen.

  • Life from scratch

    A life tapestry woven of baking bread and growing food and bearing children.

  • What I made

    Chronicling one week of creating something out of something by hand.

  • Habits of the hands

    Spring rolls around again with broken earth and broken promises.

  • All tensed up with someplace to go

    What to do when the system's getting you down...even in your sleep.

  • For life

    The journey toward a local food diet.

  • Wallflower

    A word from the sidelines, with a pitchfork in one hand and a trowel in the other.

  • Not the words, but the voice

    On the permeable boundary between a Chaim Potok novel and a summer internship.

  • Defining community with permaculture

    From biodiversity to human diversity.

  • Inheritance

    Scanning generations past for the legacy of growing things.

  • Beware of planting Barbie corn

    Lessons from an experimental garden in Africa.