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Items tagged activism

  • Gentle radicalism

    Despite several flaws in reasoning, Roaring Lambs provides a compelling argument for Christians to transform culture.

  • Star-spangled dreams

    Wouldn't we all love to live in the country of our dreams?

  • The beloved community

    A social work student wrestles with the relationship between activism and redemption.

  • Of orthodoxy and orthopraxy

    A reflection on Simone Weil, a scholar and activist who defied categories in early twentieth century Europe.

  • Aargh, are ye me matey?

    Certain manners of conviction can leave us feeling like outcasts in the empire.

  • The chicken or the egg

    A review of Wegmans Cruelty, a short film on egg production.

  • An ordinary radical

    A review of Shane Claiborne’s book The Irresistible Revolution.

  • It’s complicated

    Asking hard questions and embracing complex answers in community.

  • Guerrilla gifting

    Learning to believe again, via the story of St. Nicholas.

  • Home run

    Albany Park Theater Project’s I Will Kiss These Walls invents a “theater of hope” in the face of foreclosure.