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Vol 8, Num 4 :: 2009.02.13 — 2009.02.27


Conversation: “Subversive Love”

Welcome to the “Subversive Love” conversation!  Respond to this issue using the comments feature below.  Or if you have a longer response to the current issue that you’d like to submit for consideration as an article, please feel free to send it my way by the Tuesday after the issue is published.

-k. vg-r

  • Some would say that any kind of invested love is foolish in the face of the world’s suffering, despair and uncertainty.  What compels us to love anyway?  When has love been difficult for you?  When has it been (a symbol of) salvation?
  • Have you ever loved someone too much?  Have you ever loved someone that you or others thought you shouldn’t love?
  • How does your practice of love undermine distorted messages about love portrayed in popular media?  Where do you see good examples of love, romantic or otherwise, in popular culture?
  • How does your love of others, romantic or otherwise, interplay with your love of God?

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