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Vol 10, Num 22 :: 2011.12.09 — 2011.12.22


All is right

It was ambrosia. The reassuring smell of mom’s healthy, homemade bread baking every Saturday morning brought a sense that all was right with the world.  It was vital to our home: the kneading process we were allowed to share (even with our friends), the reassurance of food available for the week (even for the hungry boys), being able to gift food to the new neighbors (and the new pastor).  Still today, though the bread maker has lost her short-term memory, there still is the weekly solace of fresh, homemade bread made completely by instinct, and the sense of all being right in the world!

What sensations of sight, touch, sound, taste or smell in your childhood helped you feel that “all was right with the world?”

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