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Vol 3, Num 13 :: 2004.06.18 — 2004.07.10


Cornerstone is not optional

Over the last three years, the *cino community has combined camping with Pennsylvanian white-water rafting, Michiganesque torrential rains and West Virginal wilderness cabins. We have not returned to the same place twice yet. We?re always striving for new experiences, perhaps.

The ^camping is not optional event is always an adventure. Though much of the drama surrounding the event often revolves around questions of ?Whose car will break down?? or ?Who won?t be able to find the place in the dark?? there are also other questions that are bound to come up like ?What do you think about the current situation in Afghanistan?? or ?What do you tell people who say Christianity is irrelevant?? There is hardly ever enough time to get through the big-talk and settle in because after two days, everyone leaves again. At least, that?s the way things were the last three years.

This year, we?re in for yet another change. Since many *cino members have expressed interest in attending this year?s Cornerstone Festival event in Bushnell, IL and since Cornerstone brings thousands of culturally-concerned Christians together every summer and since it involves camping, it seemed logical to make Cornerstone part of *cino?s camping plans this year. This year?s Cornerstone Festival will feature live performances by Pedro the Lion, Over the Rhine, P.O.D., Relient K, MxPx, Switchfoot, Further Seems Forever, *cino?s very own OVERHANG and more. In addition to music, Cornerstone offers lectures, discussions, film forums, arts and sports events and many other activities for kids and adults.

Because Cornerstone offers so many activities and great bands, the cost will be more than past *cino events, but where else can you see many of your favorite bands all in one place? The festival will be a great place to meet old friends and make new ones. *cino-ites will hob-knob with a wide assortment of young and old believers who will be glad to hear of culture is not optional. So, if you?re in for yet another ^camping is not optional adventure, consider coming this year to the Cornerstone Festival.

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