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Vol 7, Num 20 :: 2008.11.07 — 2008.11.21


Conversation: “Color Positive”

As a means of expanding the content of this issue beyond what’s been submitted by our contributors, I invite you to join in with your comments below.  You can respond directly to the questions or to another topic related to the issue theme.  If you have a longer response to the current issue that you’d like to submit for consideration as an article, please feel free to send it my way by the Tuesday after the issue is published.

Over to you for your stories…

-k. vg-r

  • Though there are still instances of direct, interpersonal racism in the U.S., they are relatively rare compared to before the Civil Rights Act; however, racism continues to exist in less visible, more systemic ways.  Do you agree with this statement?  If so, what has helped open your eyes to invisible forms of racism?
  • If you live outside of the U.S., what form does racism or systemic oppression take in your country?
  • Where do you see promising steps being taken against racism and toward healing and reconciliation?

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