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Vol 8, Num 2 :: 2009.01.16 — 2009.01.30


Conversation: “Cohabit”

Welcome to the “Cohabit” conversation!  Respond to this issue using the comments feature below.  Or if you have a longer response to the current issue that you’d like to submit for consideration as an article, please feel free to send it my way by the Tuesday after the issue is published.

-k. vg-r

  • When has living with someone else been a good experience for you?  When has it been a difficult experience?
  • How have you considered changing your current living situation now or in the future with regard to living with others?
  • Whom do you look to as doing cohabitation well, whether an intentional community, family, couple, roommates or otherwise?  What advice would you give to people about to embark on moving in to a home together?

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