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Vol 12, Num 22 :: 2013.11.29 — 2013.12.12


Celebrate in gratitude

is when memory is stored
in the heart and not in the mind.

Lionel Hampton

I’m not sure when this tradition began for our family. But it occurs each time our family and friends gather to celebrate.  We stand around the table, holding hands. Nourishing foods are spread out on the table. Aromas fill the room. Yet no one moves to sit down.

The question is always the same. “Who isn’t with us today?” The names of people who are not able to join us are spoken. All those around the table, regardless of age, are free to speak the name of anyone they miss — anyone who has touched their lives. Some named are family members, others are friends, teachers, pastors and neighbors. Our tradition also encourages us to name those who have touched our lives, but are now in the presence of God.  Some will often share just how that person shaped their life.

Often there are tears of thanksgiving for what these individuals have added to our journeys through life.  Each one has been a gift of grace from God. Gratitude fills our hearts.

Who has had an impact on your life? Why not begin today to offer thanks for those very special persons?  Celebrate the persons who have poured their gifts into your life. To speak the name at this season of the year gives witness to another’s life of faith, which is God’s gift to you.  It is time to celebrate with gratitude from your heart. As St. Paul wrote, “I thank my God for every remembrance of you.”

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