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Where have we traveled?


Feb 26 2003
12:36 pm

I was just wondering what places people have traveled. As a person passionately fond of far-off and exotic (and even non-exotic) locations, I’d love to hear where people have been—any recommendations on places to visit? (This is for future reference, when I’m fabulously rich and can afford to visit all the places on my list.)

Most relaxing and exotic place I’ve been: Moon Beach—on the Red Sea, in Egypt. Great windsurfing, if you’re into that type of thing. Dahab, on the Gulf of Aquaba, has great diving and snorkeling areas.

The Middle East is great for traveling if you don’t want to spend a lot of money—and if you don’t care if you share your room with ants, cockroaches, and various other six-legged creatures. :)

Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey . . . beautiful, rugged, deserty, full of ancient cities and artifacts and history. Syria’s very pristine and untouched by the West; Turkey is very Westernized but has some lovely mosques and mountains. And the people are incredibly hospitable; they love foreigners and will offer you coffee, tea, food, food, and more food, and probably even a place to sleep.

Other places: Ecuador, Ethiopia, Belgium, the Netherlands. Belgium has some great beer. And European public transportation is much more reliable than that of the Middle East, though not quite as exciting.

Other interesting places?


Sep 07 2003
07:08 pm

Well, most recently, I’ve been to Quebec (hi, dan!) on my honeymoon. We loved it. Went to Montreal and Quebec City and a national park (Parc du Mont Tremblant).

Before that, I’ve done a lot of traveling through the US and Canada (road trips), a whirlwind tour of most of Europe (trains mostly, buses in turkey), and short trips to Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.


Sep 08 2003
12:03 pm

Glad you made it back safely Laryn. It was fun to visit with you a bit! By the way, if any of you want tips on how to travel cheaply, Laryn knows how to shower in public fountains and sleep under trees next to Buckingham Palace.


Nov 03 2003
11:43 am

Jo (or anyone else)

This is the first time I have actually participated in a discussion on this website, but I had to respond to your posting. What cities in South Africa did you go to? I am leaving to go to Johannesberg and Cape Town on Friday. I will be traveling by myself in Cape Town and would love advice from someone who has been to any part of Africa before. Please help me.


Jul 18 2007
06:48 am

I have traveled a lot of places in Europe and Asia but i was most impressed of Mont Tremblant in Canada. I am not interested in snowboarding or any other sport, i just like to travel. I have been to Canada 2 years ago and i spent 6 dream days. Mont Tremblant cottages were very chic, great looking and comfortable. I was hard to choose one of them. Finally i have decided for one whit a beautiful lake in front. These days are unforgettable, i had a great time and i am looking forward to go again this year.