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Dec 11 2003
05:46 am

*Please note: my post excludes catapult magazine articles. I think they do a fabulous job incorporating a Christian perspective. The rest of us …. uh, another story.

Does anyone else feel that while the threads here are intellectually stimulating, we tend to ignore the Christian perspective? I’m not saying that there haven’t been such discussions, but, for example, most political discussions are liberal-vs-conservative, save for the “terror and freedom” thread which has turned an eye to what the Bible has to say about terror.

Or the discussion about “Kill Bill Vol. I” … it’s discussed as though we’re ordinary movie critics. But we’re not movie critics. And we’re not ordinary, as Christians. Is it really a movie that glorifies God? In a thread about what makes good art (or something like that), I posed the question that, as Christians, isn’t good art only that which glorifies God? … and what, exactly, glorifies God then? To my recollection, that went nowhere.

Hey, I understand the fear of dismissing and reducing everything to “What Would Jesus Do?” and sounding like a bunch of fundamentalists who take everything literally, but sometimes, folks, life isn’t that complicated.

Isn’t that the point of Christianity? To free us, not only in the life everlasting, but in the here and now?

Sometimes I think we over-argue issues in order to justify our own opinions. We so desperately don’t want to sound like “spoon-fed Christians,” so we attempt to blind eachother with our intellectual brilliance and levels of reasoning, ignoring the rather simple message of Christ in the process.

So, does ANYONE share my opinion that we could all be taking a more Christian perspective around here?


Nov 17 2004
10:50 pm

i wish i was smart enough to spell pontification — cause then i would be able to spell the word that describes about 1/2 the posts on this site.

look, my point is i get 2 maybe 3 hours a week to myself. i dont have to instruct. dont have to wipe asses, dont have to pay a bill, be involved musically at my church, dont have a phone to answer or a neighgour to help. yes, there are MY choices. i know that. happy with the majority of them. but i cherish the time where i can stick a movie in on a rainy sunday afternoon and just turn it off. maybe even fall asleep half way thru. GASP! i discern the other 165 hours a week. hard to get in the clik here at “Cino” i tell you that.

even lopez isnt that sensitive about 70’s music bashing. sheesh.