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Mar 12 2004
02:32 pm

Does anybody know anything about this? JaBird perhaps. It’s about a Christian High School complete with Jesus freaks and your average angst-ridden, misunderstood artsy type. At first it looks like a cheesy high school movie, but I’m not too sure. I guess it could have a good influence or a negative influence, but I’d be surprised if it had no influence at all. Is this coming out because of the Passion. Is the “Christian Film” going to be the next genre?
The aesthetic implications are frightening.
Here’s a link to the trailor:


Mar 16 2004
12:08 pm

Absolutely! Some Christians are exactly like that. But in this film it is not about “some” Christians…it is established that [b:0527c3ddb0]all[/b:0527c3ddb0] Christians are like this and nothing else. Every Christian in the film is a sniffling, double speaking, hypocrite whilst the non-Christians are the real non-phonys with all of the answers. If you begin to question your supposed faith then you are obviously not a Christian and therfore will find your answers among those who ridicule the faith. That is what botherd me. It would be refreshing for a film to come out with a more realistic look at Christians and not just monopolize on the eccentric few in the church.


May 13 2004
03:54 pm

Just picked this up this morning.


May 13 2004
06:38 pm

If we’re going to accept the mindset that some Christians “deserve” this characterization and should be considered a lesson in how not to act, then we should also be just as okay with stereotypical portrayals of homosexuals, women, minorities and terrorists in movies?

I personally think stereotypes are true … to a point. They have their place and serve a limited purpose. However, I’m not about to start accepting negative portrayals of Christians as “okay” when society at large gets its undies in a bundle about gay stereotypes, etc.


May 13 2004
08:03 pm

i mostly agree, anne; however, there is at least one major distinction between the groups you’ve listed. in america, christianity is the religion of the majority (a vast majority if you count all who consider themselves “christian” in the broadest sense of the word). the other groups—homosexuals, women, etc. (though, depending on what you’re referring to exactly, i’m not sure i’d include terrorists in this line of thought)—are each in the minority.

people in positions of privilege, usually the majority, do not need the same protection offered the minority because they give it to themselves already. in fact, stinging critique may be more appropriate in an effort to bring abuses of privilege to light—though i’m not sure sarcasm (the approach the film seems to take) is the best vehicle in which to deliver it (those who know me can see the log sticking out of my eye).

for example, christians rarely, if ever, need to worry about being labeled terrorists in this country; muslims, on the other hand, get lumped together with islamic fundamentalists and are suspected of being terrorists simply because of their faith. therefore, a greater degree of sensitivity is needed when critiquing minority groups.

as for the movie … i’ll save my judgment until after i’ve seen it.


Jun 12 2004
05:39 pm

While visiting the Minneapolis area, I had a chance to see this movie the other night. In my humble opinion it?s a must-see flick that?s sure to spark some good discussion about how Christians are often viewed in today?s culture. The film was humorous and thought-provoking, and reached into the heart of what it means to reflect a Christ-like life.

It was also very interesting to watch the response of others around me throughout the film. Apparently there are quite a few folks who have a stereotyped-idea of what they believe Christians to be like.

Has anyone else had a chance to see it yet?


Sep 10 2004
01:53 am

i thought it was hilarious. thought-provoking indeed!

i don’t think people would/will stereotype christians into the mandy moore character.

mmm, mmm good.


Feb 17 2005
12:37 pm

hey there all,

i realize that this is a dated subject and that nobody has added anything to this discussion in quite awhile. however, i have written an article on this movie and would be interested to hear any thoughts on it. i’m eager to hear whatever you have to say. if you are interested in checking the article out you can find it at just go to their movies section and you should be able to find it from there. happy reading.


Feb 18 2005
12:14 am

I went to a Christian High School, and I thought the preview for this movie made it seem like an appropriate satire. I had several “recognition laughs” just watching the preview. Haven’t gone out of my way to see the movie yet though. I just read the Ransom review and I agree that the satire is probably deserved. There’s not much point criticizing a satire for being “one-sided” or employing sterotypes. “Exaggeration for effect” is entirely the point. I was surprised to hear the movie was produced by Michael Stipe. Some of the observations seemed so spot-on that I assumed the filmmakers were coming from the evangelical subculture… “evangelical expats” as Ms. Bowman would call them.


Mar 25 2005
04:09 pm

Henry—stop what you are doing. got to the local video outlet and grab this thing ans whcth it. it is a friggin gem. i loved all the elements. it so summed up my chirstian high life (albeit exaggerated). i laughed out loud during many parts and went “hmmmm, no friggin way” at many other ones. simply because they catch it all so bang on. (i do find it interesting that stipe produced t his movie too )

dont be fooled by the cover. it is NOT your regular mandy moore, hillary muff movie. it is good, delicious satire. the way they attack the whole “lets pray about it” thing is just so darn smack on the money. fanatical.

anwyay, do this thing.


Mar 25 2005
06:28 pm

I read your review at Ransom’s website and agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of culture’s perception of the modern evangelical church and that God may be using Hollywood to chastise the church. I plan to watch the movie, to see where I get angry and then search out my heart to see if my anger comes from the movie hitting too close to home to my own sin. I love diagnostics. And eddie, for you I will watch it for the entertainment value, because I like a good laugh even if sometimes it’s at my expense.

San Diego